Transfering Domain Names

I've been using Go Daddy for some time now. ??For the most part, their pricing was the only thing keeping me there. ??I really disliked their UI. ??Every time I tried to change something, I had to double and triple check to make sure nothing was added/changed by accident.

Recently Alex registered his site ( with ??Their UI was much cleaner and simpler. ??Everything was straight forward. ??The pricing wasn't the cheapest, but it was competitive.

Today I decided to transfer three domains from Go Daddy to ??Two names transfered without a hitch. ??But unfortunately one ran into a few problems. ??First off the authorization code from Go Daddy for this problem name contained two percent signs (%). ?? didn't like it and said the code was invalid [1].

I called up Go Daddy customer service and talked to Lisa. ??She spoke fluent English and was very understanding. ??She changed the code and resent it to me. ??The new code contained two ampersands (&) (in the exact same places as the %s). ??I gave it a try. ??Still, rejected it. ??Lisa changed the code and resent it to me again. ??This time the code contained two open parenthesis ((). ??Fortunately decided that the code was valid. ??(Note: I give thumbs-up for Go Daddy's customer service.)

The next step in the transfer was also problematic. ??For one of the domain names, I had set the admin email to to take advantage of gmail's filtering system. ??But didn't like that either and stripped the address down to ??So it sent the transfer notice there. ??Naturally I didn't receive it. ??I had to change the email in Go Daddy, then get to reacquire the data (which apparently you can only do every 4 hours).

The transfer process wasn't as simple as I had hoped. ??But now that everything's moved over, things should be good for a while.

These are the format of the authorization code for the problem domain name (1st, 2nd, and 3rd tries). ??Makes you think…


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