no response

Last time I wrote about my switch from GoDaddy to  The process wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be.  Though it wasn’t so bad.  The issue was on‘s side, but GoDaddy’s support was actually pretty good and helped me out.

Recently I wanted to forward some sub domains.  I couldn’t find the instruction any where on their website.  So I decided to email their

Hi, how do I forward subdomains?  e.g. say I own, I would like 

After three days of response I sent them another email.

No response?

It’s been over two weeks and still no response from their support.  The issue I wanted help with was a minor one (I even forgot about it for two weeks).  But the main problem I have now is their lack of response to their paying customer.  
This is strike one for in my book.

One thought on “ no response

  1. Hi Jessica, I’m very sorry that you did not receive a response from us. Do you have your case number from when you sent your email? We will investigate what happened and do our best to ensure a lapse like this does not happen again. Best regards,Lesley YarbroughCommunity

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