YC Summer 2008

So finally, YC summer 2008 has come to an end.  It has been a long and busy summer.  Lots of things happened.  Here are the highlights:

  • March Interview with Wufoo Tampa, FL
  • April 27 YC Interview in Mountain View, CA
  • May 30 Last day of work Jacksonville, FL
  • June 3 Visit family Bangkok, Thailand
  • July 5 Join the team Cambridge, MA
  • July 12 Switched from Awesome Highlighter to Play Reader Cambridge, MA
  • July 18 Batman premier! Harvard Square Theater
  • July 22 USCIS Biometric for Immigration Jacksonville, FL
  • July 31 First move St Petersburg, FL
  • August 5 Team downsized Cambridge, MA
  • August 8 Olympics start Beijing, China
  • August 14 East Coast Demo Day Cambridge, MA
  • August 19 West Coast Demo Day I Moutainview, CA
  • August 20 West Coast Demo Day II Moutainview, CA
  • August 26 Last YC Dinner Cambridge, MA
  • August 27 Home sweet home St Petersburg, FL