no response

Last time I wrote about my switch from GoDaddy to  The process wasn’t as smooth as I wanted it to be.  Though it wasn’t so bad.  The issue was on‘s side, but GoDaddy’s support was actually pretty good and helped me out.

Recently I wanted to forward some sub domains.  I couldn’t find the instruction any where on their website.  So I decided to email their

Hi, how do I forward subdomains?  e.g. say I own, I would like 

After three days of response I sent them another email.

No response?

It’s been over two weeks and still no response from their support.  The issue I wanted help with was a minor one (I even forgot about it for two weeks).  But the main problem I have now is their lack of response to their paying customer.  
This is strike one for in my book.

2010-04-16 Setting Up a Second server

Recently we added a new server (s2) for our web app. ??So we decided to turn the old server (s1) into a dedicated database server. ??We moved the web server and everything else over to s2 then closed off s1. ??

Normally we would just put s1 into an internal network, but our data center (let’s call them DC) didn’t have that option. ??They offered similar setup using their firewall. ??I thought OK, as long as the database isn’t exposed to anybody from the “outside”, it’s good enough. ??So I asked them to set the firewall such that s1 and s2 have full access to each other, and s1 is completely closed off from everybody else (except their management for admin and backup purposes).

After a bit, they sent an email saying that it’s done. ??I thought, oh cool, that was quick and simple. ??Then I tried to remote desktop into s1 and was surprised when I got in. ??I sent an email back to DC asking if they really set it up, since I was able to access s1 from my local computer (I should only be able to access s1 via s2).

After a bit more, they sent another email saying that ti’s done. ??I tried remote desktop and was unable to get in. ??Good! ??Then I thought, since the database was the main reason we’re blocking off s1, let me try to connect to it. ??D’oh! ??I was able to access the database from my local machine. ??It turned out that DC only blocked off RDP access. ??I sent another email back telling them what happened. ??I repeated my request and wanted to make sure they understood, because I didn’t want to have to check every port to make sure that s1’s access has been blocked off.

After waiting some more (blocking off s1 wasn’t urgent), I got a third email saying that it’s done. ??So I checked RDP and the database from my local computer. ??Access denied. ??Good! ??But then??I got a phone call telling me that the web app was down and nobody could log in. I logged into S2 and try to connect S1. ??To my horror, DC had totally blocked off S1 from everybody, including s2!

My IT guy and I immediately got on the phone with DC and told them they had to grant access for s2 to s1 ASAP. ??They apologized and ??told us that our scenario was unique (wanting a server in that data center to only be accessible via another server…), and that they finally got the rules down.

Everything seems to be fine now. ??I’m still a little hesitant and going to keep an eye out for the next few days just to be sure.